5 Solar Installation Myths Debunked

Solar Panel offers a great solution for those who are frustrated with the high-priced electricity bills at your place. It is a clean form of energy which reduces the carbon footprints in the atmosphere around your place. Many misconceptions are there in the market reality regarding the solar installation, but we are here to bust such myths with some scientific facts and research proofs.

Myth 1: Solar is only for rich people.

Fact: Majority of the people are in the impression that solar panel comes into the luxury segment. It isn’t true because according to the report in Economic Times, India is the cheapest producer of Solar Panels in the world. The Indian Government has realized the potential of solar panels and has already begun the production of solar panels in most of the states in India. 

Myth 2: Installing solar means cutting off from the power grid.

Fact: There is a convenience of installing an off-grid solar energy system. Usually, most of the solar panels are in the grid system. It allows a consumer to use solar energy produced by the solar panel in the day-time, and when the sun is down, the house can withdraw the energy from the grid. With the help of net metering policy in your respective state, you can use the electricity from the grid for your requirement and pay for what you use.

Myth 3: Solar panels require too much maintenance.

Fact: House solar panel can last a very long time – usually it works up to 30 years, and most of them are typically covered with long warranties. Maintaining a solar installation is not that hectic if you have a quality service provider. Dust and debris can degrade the solar efficiency up to 35 per cent; therefore, it is better to keep it maintained.

Myth 4: Solar energy system requires too much land.

Fact: Renewable energy like solar doesn’t move around. Its footprints are smaller as they are mostly mounted on rooftops.. Around 1KW of solar installation requires 100 square feet or lesser. 

Myth 5: Cloudy weather can be a problem.

Fact: Solar energy is all about energy from the sun. It can be accessible to everywhere the sunshine is reaching the earth’s surface. Sometimes bad weather can be a problem, but that doesn’t mean your house won’t get any power supply. As your home is a part of a grid, you get an uninterrupted power supply in case of failure. Solar energy works all around the year. It is a reliable source of energy for all electricity production. Indian weather is more of a humid where the sunshine is available all around the year.  

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If you are concerned about some myths about solar installation, then we’ve busted them for you. It is the best investment you can do to your property where you can save a lot from hefty energy bills. 

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What is Net Metering and How it Works?

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The concept of Net Metering holds importance because it works as an incentive for both – the supplier and the consumer. Through this process, Grid receives surplus power generated by the consumer. Other consumers connected to the grid receive this excess power for their consumption. This process of sending the excess energy to the power grid is commonly referred to as Net Metering all over the globe. The solar panel owners first consume the electricity that is being produced by the solar panel. Excess energy produced is then pushed back to the power grid. Other houses connected to the grid, use this power for their consumption.

With the constant rise in energy prices, it is a wise decision to switch to Solar Rooftop panel at your home, office or anywhere the sunlight falls. The net metering system was initiated in India as a course of action to make distributed renewable energy more accessible and economical for consumers across India. It works by considering the difference between the export of power generated by the consumer’s rooftop panel, and the import of power from distribution companies. Consumers then compensated for the surplus power generated at a price determined by their respective state net metering policy. The Net Metering system is the most common solar metering system in India. In this metering system, the distribution panel and solar inverter are mounted together for converting the DC to the AC. Additional to that a bi-directional meter to measure the exported and imported electricity.


Let us explain to you how the Net Metering works:

Your Solar Installation will generate the most power during the daytime. This is the time when your home uses less amount of power. Other homes connected to the grid use this excess energy.. In return, You receive a credit for the power that you share with the grid. In fact, your Bi-directional meter will show reverse reading to reflect your contribution.

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During the evening, panels create no power and your home consumes a considerable amount of power. At this time, your home will need to get the energy from the power grid lines. The installed Bi-directional (Net) meter moves forward again, counting the amount of electricity in which your home is consuming. At the end of the month, you receive a credit if you contribute more energy to the grid than your consumption.

This scenario is more common in the case of warmer months, for instance in summer where the longer days and higher solar insolation levels let your solar installation for producing more power. For those months where your home consumes more electricity from the power grid than you contribute, you will only pay the net difference amount between what you contribute to the power grid and what your house has consumed. This is how the Net Metering system works.

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