CAPEX Business Model

Capex mode is the most common business model for solar deployment in India. Capital expenditures are provided by the rooftop owner. In this model the consumer purchases the solar system, by making 100% of the payment upfront or financing the system, often through a bank. In Capex model the end consumer can own the asset and claim accelerated depreciation and save taxes. Setting up of a 100 kWp project can result in additional upfront savings of upto ₹20 Lacs. We at Galaxy Solar help you determine which investment model to opt for and then help you to set a plant and start saving on power costs. 100% upfront payment is made by the client for the Solar PV System.


  • The ownership is Immediately established.
  • Solution for those who have investible surplus capital.
  • Tax Benefit claims.
  • Comparatively cheapest power cost.
CAPEX Business Model
RESCO Business Model

RESCO Business Model

Renewable Energy Services/Supply Company (RESCO) is a fusion model in which the rooftop owner and third party invests in the Solar PV plant. RESCO developer finances, installs, operates and maintains the rooftop solar power plant. The developer signs an agreement with the rooftop owner. The rooftop owners may consume the electricity generated, for which they have to pay a pre-decided tariff to RESCO developer on a monthly basis for the tenure of the agreement.


  • Less Capital Intensive.
  • Government support.
  • Better Monitoring of load and consumption with energy data analytics.
  • From the installation, the owner benefits from saving on electricity bill.
  • Operations, maintenance and repairs of the Solar PV system shall be carried out by the company and the payment shall be done by the investor.


Low cost
Low-Cost Power
Solar power systems are low-cost power generation option and, in some cases, it can help make power bills zero or reduce to a minimum.
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
Generating energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and contributes to reducing air pollution to a greater extent.
Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance
Galaxy solar ensures to serving with the right maintenance after the solar system installation and the maintenance cost is nominal.
Eco friendly
Save nature by saving the depletion of fossil fuels so it can be sustained for future generations. Go Green Go Solar.


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