About the project

  • Client: Purti Group
  • Category:
  • Installed plant: 60 KW
  • generation: 1.Per day : 200 units
    2.Per month : 6,000 units
  • project location: Shop No.1 to 12, Khasara No.43/3, Jayanti Nagari IV, Besa Main road, Nagpur-441108, Maharashtra.
Project Title: On Grid Solar Roof Top System of 50 KW at Purti Super Bazar

Solar energy is the genesis for all forms of energy. This energy can be made use through the Photovoltaic route which converts solar energy into electricity that can be used for a myriad purpose such as lighting, pumping, and generation of electricity. With its pollution-free nature, virtually inexhaustible supply and global distribution- solar energy is a very attractive energy resource. We have effectively integrated the Solar PV system at Purti Bazar. With the heavy usage of electricity, the super bazar has seen the changes in their electricity consumption process. The Solar PV system saved around 60% of its electricity cost.

Benefits of Project

Large solar panels are used to absorb the powerful solar rays emitted from the sun and convert these into power resources. These power resources help the hospital for their daily consumption of electricity. Purti Bazar has been using solar technology from the past 15 months and their brand image has been effectively increased by taking a step towards greener future. The solar installation has given them some of the following benefits.

– Independent source of energy.

  • Independent source of energy
  • Efficient Roof space utilization
  • Reduced Energy bills
  • Contribute to nature
  • Cost-Effective process
  • Improve the Brand image