About the project

  • Client: Tarkeshwar Degree College
Project Title: On Grid Solar Roof Top System of 30 KW at Site Tarkeshwar Degree College.

Galaxy Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. Installed 30 KW Solar Power Plant at Tarkeshwar Degree College.

Their earlier electricity bill was reduced after the Installation of Solar Power Plant and was saved about 70-80% of their total Electricity bill. More Savings=More Money=More Earning.

Solar Energy requires Minimal maintenance and Solar panels have zero Emissions. Solar Panels have zero CO2 Emissions. 1 KW of each Solar system saves 1.5 ton of CO2 emission to our environment and due to which we contribute to the “Green Economy”. Now they are enjoying the benefits after Installation of Roof top Solar Power Plant.

Benefits of Project

Large solar panels are used to absorb the powerful solar rays emitted from the sun and convert these into power resources. These power resources help the hospital for their daily consumption of electricity. The hospital solar energy PV system has been an innovative idea for a healthy and safe future.

  • Independent source of energy
  • Efficient Roof space utilization
  • Reduced Energy bills
  • Contribute to nature
  • Cost-Effective process
  • Improve the Brand image