Galaxy Solar Energy Pvt.Ltd is a concern dedicated to the promotion of Renewable Energy propagation and implementation in India. Galaxy Solar has established itself well in Solar Technologies and completed many projects in Renewable Energy in PV solutions across India. The Company stands tall when it comes to achieving higher standards of excellence. Over the year our brands have been synonymous with quality & innovation in their respective domains. Our passion to excel has made us grow faster than most of our competitions. The Galaxy Solar has been a front- runner in delivering innovative and customized solutions. We look forward to have long term relationship with our clients who wants to power their life with a better change.


Grid-Connected Solar PV System

We entrust the green energy to your doorstep with our Solar PV system.

Solar System Business Models

We provide solutions of Capex & Resco Solar Business Models which are used in India.

Solar Energy Metering System

We deliver the Net Metering and Gross Metering systems to our clients.


  • Solar Panel

    Sun rays falls on the Solar Panel where these rays get converted into electricity through Photovoltaic cells.

  • Solar Inverter

    Solar Inverter converts the DC power from the panel into AC power to use by the household or send it to grid

  • Energy Meter

    Energy meter keeps a record of how much energy is produced and what amount is consumed.

  • Utility Grid

    If it produces more power than the home consumes, the surplus is fed into the power grid.


Every individual expects best returns on every single buy, especially costly affair like the solar system. Galaxy Solar provides you with the best equipment starting from the system design, selection of MPPT charge controller, solar inverters, solar batteries, solar panel mounting frames, cables and many more things which are necessary for the solar system. We believe in Innovation, Dedication, and Integration of the quality work for our clients which can go for the long-run. Galaxy Solar can give you various benefits that can help you in better planning

Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Expert guidance
  • Great Return on Investment
  • Affordable Charges
  • Innovative Designs
  • Trust Worthy Services
  • 24x7 Assistance


We have successfully incorporated 150+ projects in residential, commercial and non-profit organizations. Our end-to-end solutions, from installation to maintenance, powered by cost-effective and streamlined commissioning processes and superior asset management bring the power of solar to our clients

Solar System Installation Company

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