How to Choose the Best Solar PV Installer

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Selecting the right solar PV installer can be critical; because you are not only choosing a company for the installation but also the lifetime maintenance for your solar system. Compiled are a few things to look into when it comes to select the best solar panel installer as per your needs.

In-house installation service:

It is preferred to choose a company that combines sales, design, and installation into one seamless experience. The Solar PV installer should visit your home and provide you with proper information regarding the suitability of solar panels for your home. If the installer doesn’t take the responsibility to take the time and evaluate your specific needs, chances are high that the solar panel installation through their company will not be a feasible option.

The expertise of the company:

A good way to make a solid choice is to check the company’s certifications and expertise. Find out more about their previous work experience in setting up systems and the different projects that they might have taken up till date.
Getting a certification from a reputed board requires training in solar installation and clearing a written test. A trained certified installer will always have a satisfactory amount of knowledge about the job.

Go through the quotations well before selecting:

Now this is imperative! Before you go ahead, get quotes from at least 3 installers. The quotations should be fulfilling all your specific needs. The next step is to compare the quotes and go through the contents of the pricing. The cost of solar panels has reduced loads over the past few years, and depending on the size of your system you can easily get a customised offer.

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One needs to be aware of what kind of warranty the equipment comes with. The average warranty offered for the solar panels is around twenty years. If the warranty is for a shorter period of time than the average, then you can assume that the quality of the panels is not that good. Most Solar PV installers additionally offer a workmanship warranty, which lasts for a year.

Going through solar installer’s reviews and testimonials:

Online reviews can give you a good idea of the company’s previous accomplishments. Take your time to read the experiences people had with the company, and whether they understood their precise needs and provided the service, accordingly.
Ask your acquaintances who are already using the solar system at home about their experience with their respective solar installer. They can help you select the most reliable solar installer.


Do not hesitate to ask all sorts of questions and queries you might have regarding the installation of Rooftop solar system and about solar PV installer. Also, follow these tips to make a well-informed decision before you sign on that dotted line.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Solar Energy?

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If you are considering going for solar installation, you have probably seen tons of spammy ads claiming the best quality solar to your doorstep convincing why should you opt for solar panels at your place. 

To make the right decision for your property, you need to see the pros and cons of opting the solar pv installation at your place. Read what all the advantages and disadvantages of going to rooftop solar energy production.

Pros/Advantages of opting Solar Panel:

Lower your electricity bill.

Today, solar energy is more affordable than any other renewable source of energy. It offers a long term lower energy cost where solar panel provides a comfortable and hassle-free source of energy to your house. Let the solar energy power your home by generating electricity with the help of PV cells. Solar energy enables you to cut the monthly electricity by 60 percent and return the excessive energy to the grid, which can result in credit-return from grid company.

Increases your property value.

Recent estate statistics show that the house which has solar connection have more property value than other homes. It can be beneficial when it comes to selling or leasing your property to someone; you can demand a better amount for your property with the solar connection.

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Environmental friendly.

Solar installation emits lesser carbon footprints compared to the traditional method of electricity from fossil fuels. As the solar panels carry a long life, it can help make your surroundings less polluted.

Independent energy.

Solar energy is everywhere the sunshine reaches. Anyone can use this energy without polluting the environment. Many areas lack the proper infrastructure, which results in sudden power loss at any point in time. Thanks to solar installation, you can now produce and consume solar energy as your electricity. It gives you a state of independence from hefty electricity bills.

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Cons/Advantages of going solar:

Understanding the pricing of solar is complicated:

Some people may find it difficult in the pricing factor for solar installation, which changes their perspective about going solar. There are many solar installation providers available in the market which can make the customer confuse about which one to choose. Prices may vary from provider to provider, but the customer needs to choose which is offering the best service at the right price.

Solar panels aren’t ideal if you are constantly moving.

A solar installation is a great investment, but it can take some time to reach the break-even point. The average payback time for any solar installation can go up to 8 years. It is not suitable for those who expect a quick return on investment. It would be an unworthy investment for a young homeowner who keeps shifting to different houses. There is a risk of damaging the solar panel while moving.

Solar requires a high capital cost.

The initial cost of purchasing any solar installation can cost you reasonably high. It includes solar panel, solar inverter, wires for connection, batteries for storage (optional) and installation cost. Solar technologies are constantly evolving, which means the price of solar technology can either go up or go down in the near future.

Weather dependency.

Although the solar panel can work during a rainy and cloudy day, the efficiency of solar panels can drop at such time. A solar installation is dependent only on the sun. A few rainy or cloudy days can affect the energy consumption of your house.

You can consider these points while going for solar. We hope we gave you some clarity while making your decision to go solar.  Contact us today to get a free solar panel installation quote or call us at +91 772-199-4477.


5 Financial Benefits of Solar Energy

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India has ample sunlight throughout the year. It means we can use solar energy for our electricity production. 

Solar energy is one of the safe, inexpensive and eco-friendly source of energy. Currently, around 1.4 million homes have a solar installation in India. Solar power can harness various financial benefits for your residential, commercial and industrial property. To list here are five financial benefits of solar energy.

1. Solar power is cheaper than the electricity grid.

Thermal energy production comes more costly contrarily than rooftop solar energy which offers a one-time investment for your property. Since solar technology has moved very far in India, it is sufficient enough to meet one’s daily consumption of electricity. A person can save money with the production of solar electricity at home. With the constant rise in the price of electricity, it is a better option available to consumers for their electricity needs. Developing countries like India offer a good amount of Return on Investment with better financial security to the homeowners.

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2. Increase in property value:

In addition to huge saving benefits, getting a solar installation can offer a benefit of an increase in property value. Therefore, while selling, leasing, or renting the property can give you the advantage of claiming a better cost in return. Solar installation can last long up to 30 years where a person can enjoy saving benefits on hefty electricity bills.

3. Energy Independence:

Even though India today may be called as sufficient energy developer but in reality, the lack of proper infrastructure can result in a power shortage in many remote as well as urban areas in the country. Solar installation can offer an independent structure of energy to your property without spending tons of money on traditional power grid lines.

4. Government Incentives:

Those who wish to go for solar panel installation can avail the sector loan of amount 10 lakhs from nationalized banks. The current policy of the Ministry of New and Renewable, the central government offers 30 per cent of the installation cost for the rooftop PV system. Both the central and state government provides a subsidy to the people installing rooftop PV system because it encourages people to adopt the renewable sources of energy for their homes and cut their electricity bills into half the amount. Some states which come under special categories such as Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir get a subsidy of 70 per cent for installation cost. These schemes are available only for residential, institutional and social sectors.

5. Tax benefits:

Investors in the solar installation are eligible for accelerated tax depreciation during their financial year in which the installation has taken place. Besides these benefits, income from solar energy can be exempted from tax for the next 10 consecutive years. This provision can vary from state to state.

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5 Solar Installation Myths Debunked

Solar Panel offers a great solution for those who are frustrated with the high-priced electricity bills at your place. It is a clean form of energy which reduces the carbon footprints in the atmosphere around your place. Many misconceptions are there in the market reality regarding the solar installation, but we are here to bust such myths with some scientific facts and research proofs.

Myth 1: Solar is only for rich people.

Fact: Majority of the people are in the impression that solar panel comes into the luxury segment. It isn’t true because according to the report in Economic Times, India is the cheapest producer of Solar Panels in the world. The Indian Government has realized the potential of solar panels and has already begun the production of solar panels in most of the states in India. 

Myth 2: Installing solar means cutting off from the power grid.

Fact: There is a convenience of installing an off-grid solar energy system. Usually, most of the solar panels are in the grid system. It allows a consumer to use solar energy produced by the solar panel in the day-time, and when the sun is down, the house can withdraw the energy from the grid. With the help of net metering policy in your respective state, you can use the electricity from the grid for your requirement and pay for what you use.

Myth 3: Solar panels require too much maintenance.

Fact: House solar panel can last a very long time – usually it works up to 30 years, and most of them are typically covered with long warranties. Maintaining a solar installation is not that hectic if you have a quality service provider. Dust and debris can degrade the solar efficiency up to 35 per cent; therefore, it is better to keep it maintained.

Myth 4: Solar energy system requires too much land.

Fact: Renewable energy like solar doesn’t move around. Its footprints are smaller as they are mostly mounted on rooftops.. Around 1KW of solar installation requires 100 square feet or lesser. 

Myth 5: Cloudy weather can be a problem.

Fact: Solar energy is all about energy from the sun. It can be accessible to everywhere the sunshine is reaching the earth’s surface. Sometimes bad weather can be a problem, but that doesn’t mean your house won’t get any power supply. As your home is a part of a grid, you get an uninterrupted power supply in case of failure. Solar energy works all around the year. It is a reliable source of energy for all electricity production. Indian weather is more of a humid where the sunshine is available all around the year.  

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If you are concerned about some myths about solar installation, then we’ve busted them for you. It is the best investment you can do to your property where you can save a lot from hefty energy bills. 

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5 Benefits of Solar Energy to the Environment


Solar Energy is a safe solution for everyone, including homeowners and business owners. It is an affordable, clean, and sustainable way to generate electricity for the place. Nowadays, many people are switching to solar energy solutions for their homes, workplace, factory, and many more places. The reason is it helps in reducing the cost of electricity and carbon footprints in the environment.

If you are thinking of switching to solar rooftop system in your home or at your workplace, now is the time, and we’ll give you the benefits of having solar energy in your surroundings.

1. Solar solution is the best investment.

If you are struggling with heavy loads of electricity bill at your place, solar power solutions can offset your cost of electricity. Solar rooftop panels offer year-round efficiency in producing electricity from the sun and converts into electricity for your household purposes. Depending on the size of solar panel and orientation relative to the sun, a solar panel produces more electricity than your household consumes. Most of the electricity rates are rising nowadays, but due to solar power solution, the person can pay predictable rates for the next 25 years. It is the best investment you can do for your place!

2. Solar rooftop panels have diverse applications.

Due to Photovoltaic cells and solar thermals in solar panels, it can produce electricity even in the areas where the electricity is limited or none. It can be beneficial for various purposes, e.g., if you own a water distillation plant and the electricity grid is making a heavy hole in your pocket, You can easily switch to solar solution for your need for electricity. By installing solar panels, you can gain energy independence.

3. Solar energy reduces green gas emission.

Electricity generated by fossil fuel has more green gas emission, which leads to rising global temperature levels and climate change such as extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and disturbed eco-system. By choosing solar power, the person can reduce the greenhouse effect and shrink the carbon footprint in the surroundings.

4. Solar power is plentiful energy.

The solar energy from the sun harness in all areas of the world, and it is available every day. We cannot fall short of solar energy, unlike other kinds of energy. It will be accessible energy for all as long as the sun lives in our solar system.

5. Solar Solution requires less maintenance cost.

Solar rooftop panels generally don’t require much maintenance. It just requires cleaning and periodic service to keep the smooth working going on. There are many solar system service providers available who can give you the right service to your solar panels. As there are no moving parts, it has no problem with wear and tear. Only the inverter needs to be changed every 5 to 10 years, depending upon their working conditions. It is a one-time big investment in setting up the Solar power solution; later on, you need to sit back and relax from heavy electricity bills.

Hopefully, we gave you some factual benefits which can change your way towards green energy. Contact us today to get a free solar panel installation quote.