5 Solar Installation Myths Debunked

Solar Panel offers a great solution for those who are frustrated with the high-priced electricity bills at your place. It is a clean form of energy which reduces the carbon footprints in the atmosphere around your place. Many misconceptions are there in the market reality regarding the solar installation, but we are here to bust such myths with some scientific facts and research proofs.

Myth 1: Solar is only for rich people.

Fact: Majority of the people are in the impression that solar panel comes into the luxury segment. It isn’t true because according to the report in Economic Times, India is the cheapest producer of Solar Panels in the world. The Indian Government has realized the potential of solar panels and has already begun the production of solar panels in most of the states in India. 

Myth 2: Installing solar means cutting off from the power grid.

Fact: There is a convenience of installing an off-grid solar energy system. Usually, most of the solar panels are in the grid system. It allows a consumer to use solar energy produced by the solar panel in the day-time, and when the sun is down, the house can withdraw the energy from the grid. With the help of net metering policy in your respective state, you can use the electricity from the grid for your requirement and pay for what you use.

Myth 3: Solar panels require too much maintenance.

Fact: House solar panel can last a very long time – usually it works up to 30 years, and most of them are typically covered with long warranties. Maintaining a solar installation is not that hectic if you have a quality service provider. Dust and debris can degrade the solar efficiency up to 35 per cent; therefore, it is better to keep it maintained.

Myth 4: Solar energy system requires too much land.

Fact: Renewable energy like solar doesn’t move around. Its footprints are smaller as they are mostly mounted on rooftops.. Around 1KW of solar installation requires 100 square feet or lesser. 

Myth 5: Cloudy weather can be a problem.

Fact: Solar energy is all about energy from the sun. It can be accessible to everywhere the sunshine is reaching the earth’s surface. Sometimes bad weather can be a problem, but that doesn’t mean your house won’t get any power supply. As your home is a part of a grid, you get an uninterrupted power supply in case of failure. Solar energy works all around the year. It is a reliable source of energy for all electricity production. Indian weather is more of a humid where the sunshine is available all around the year.  

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If you are concerned about some myths about solar installation, then we’ve busted them for you. It is the best investment you can do to your property where you can save a lot from hefty energy bills. 

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7 Reasons Why Solar Panel is Good for Your Home

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In urban and rural India, many homes are switching to this clean energy for various reasons which give them ample benefits which we will be discussing in this blog. There is nothing wrong with switching to a better option for energy production other than the traditional grid system. Most of the people are aware that solar is a home efficient upgrade and eager to reduce the carbon footprints from their surroundings.

In terms of economic, environmental and personal, Solar Installation carries various benefits and let us give you some insightful reasons why solar energy is good for your home.

1. Drastic change in the electricity bill.

It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner, business or a non-profit organization, the electricity bill can take up a large portion of your expenses. With having Solar panels at your rooftop, you can save up to 60% amount in your electricity bill. Also, you’ll be generating the electricity for free for the next 25 to 30 years without being dependent on the electricity grid.

2. Less maintenance cost for solar panels.

Solar panels don’t have any moving parts which remove the chances of wear and tear of any parts. Therefore it involves fewer maintenance costs. Solar panels are meant to be tested to withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions which makes them so durable and long-lasting.

3. Earn a great return on investment.

Solar panels are not the expense; they are the best investment for the future. Net metering policy in India allows you to sell your excess generated power to the government. Tariff of this excess power is different in different-different states. Please refer to your state net metering policy.

4. Increase your property value.

Due to recent estate reports, it has been noticed that the houses or any place with an installed solar panel system gets higher property values and sell more quickly than non-solar homes. Those who are looking to sell their place with solar installed can enjoy this option while calculating their property value.

5. Protection of the environment.

Solar is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. A typical residential solar panel will eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions each year—the equivalent of planting over 100 trees annually.

6. Be independent for your electricity consumption.

One of the best advantages of having a solar panel at your home is you don’t have to be at the mercy of utility providers. The electricity board raises their cost at any point in time, but you won’t be affected because you produce your solar electricity.

7. Be futuristic.

Technology is changing day by day, and if you are upgrading with it, then nothing is better than that. Many reports have stated the fact that it is going to be the ‘Solar age’ ahead of where every gadget will going to be with Solar cells. Now it is up to you whether you be in a traditional way or welcome the future with open arms.

We hope you got the idea why Solar panel is good for your home. Contact us today to get a free solar panel installation quote.


5 Benefits of Solar Energy to the Environment


Solar Energy is a safe solution for everyone, including homeowners and business owners. It is an affordable, clean, and sustainable way to generate electricity for the place. Nowadays, many people are switching to solar energy solutions for their homes, workplace, factory, and many more places. The reason is it helps in reducing the cost of electricity and carbon footprints in the environment.

If you are thinking of switching to solar rooftop system in your home or at your workplace, now is the time, and we’ll give you the benefits of having solar energy in your surroundings.

1. Solar solution is the best investment.

If you are struggling with heavy loads of electricity bill at your place, solar power solutions can offset your cost of electricity. Solar rooftop panels offer year-round efficiency in producing electricity from the sun and converts into electricity for your household purposes. Depending on the size of solar panel and orientation relative to the sun, a solar panel produces more electricity than your household consumes. Most of the electricity rates are rising nowadays, but due to solar power solution, the person can pay predictable rates for the next 25 years. It is the best investment you can do for your place!

2. Solar rooftop panels have diverse applications.

Due to Photovoltaic cells and solar thermals in solar panels, it can produce electricity even in the areas where the electricity is limited or none. It can be beneficial for various purposes, e.g., if you own a water distillation plant and the electricity grid is making a heavy hole in your pocket, You can easily switch to solar solution for your need for electricity. By installing solar panels, you can gain energy independence.

3. Solar energy reduces green gas emission.

Electricity generated by fossil fuel has more green gas emission, which leads to rising global temperature levels and climate change such as extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and disturbed eco-system. By choosing solar power, the person can reduce the greenhouse effect and shrink the carbon footprint in the surroundings.

4. Solar power is plentiful energy.

The solar energy from the sun harness in all areas of the world, and it is available every day. We cannot fall short of solar energy, unlike other kinds of energy. It will be accessible energy for all as long as the sun lives in our solar system.

5. Solar Solution requires less maintenance cost.

Solar rooftop panels generally don’t require much maintenance. It just requires cleaning and periodic service to keep the smooth working going on. There are many solar system service providers available who can give you the right service to your solar panels. As there are no moving parts, it has no problem with wear and tear. Only the inverter needs to be changed every 5 to 10 years, depending upon their working conditions. It is a one-time big investment in setting up the Solar power solution; later on, you need to sit back and relax from heavy electricity bills.

Hopefully, we gave you some factual benefits which can change your way towards green energy. Contact us today to get a free solar panel installation quote.