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Every day, hundreds of households make the decision to go solar being more economic & reducing their carbon footprint.



We understand your priorities. We help you save on electricity bills with solar systems along with tax rebates and long term benefits.



Solar can decrease the cost of operations for nonprofits, leaving more funds to devote to their mission for welfare of societies.

Solar Energy

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Residential, Commercial & Government

Low Cost Power

Solar power systems are low cost power generation option and in some cases, it can help make power bills zero or reduce to minimum.

Low Maintenance

Galaxy solar ensures to serving with the right maintenance after the solar system installation and the maintenance cost is nominal.

Renewable Energy

Generating energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and contributes in reducing air pollution at a greater extent.

Save the Nature

Save the nature by saving the depletion of fossil fuels so it can be sustained for future generations. Go Green Go Solar.